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Buy bitcoins at low price


Buy Sell Fee

Bitcoins buying and selling is 100% free.

Offer / Advertisement Fee

There is 1% fee for the offers / advertisements created by Finlocale Users for every succesfull trade. This fee can be configured to receive from buyers/seller at time of offer creation


Deposit Fee

Bitcoin deposit fee to Finlocale wallet is completely FREE.

Withdrawal Fee

Bitcoin withdrawal within Finlocale wallets is free.

Bitcoin withdrawal from the Finlocale wallet to non Finlocale wallet involves network/miner fee. The bitcoin miners fee goes to the bitcoin network, not Finlocale. The Finlocale wallet is a FREE bitcoin wallet but there are fee’s that go to support the bitcoin network that we cannot control.

At Finlocale, Trading fees are 50% lesser than market average, so you can buy bitcoins at lower price. Also, finlocale network fees is 50% lesser than P2P market average, that gives benefit of lower price to our customers. Finlocale deposit fee is zero, thereby advantage of lower price to customer. Our customer also get bitcoins at lower price since finlocale withdraw fee is 50% lower than maketplace average.