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  • On Finlocale, you can accept unlimited different ways for payments. Every day many buyers obtain bitcoins from sellers using all kinds of payment methods from gift cards to online bank transfers.

  • Bitcoin buyers look for the best value + vendor rating. Choose the profit % that you think your target buyer would value.

  • If necessary you can configure your trade to automatically cancel if the buyer has not done a payment by adjusting auto cancel time.

  • When customer has found your offer, then offer terms & instructions will tell your customer what to provide during the trade.

  • Keep in mind to describe offer terms as shortly as possible and as precisely as possible.

  • You can also adjust to which users your offer should be shown. Options like verification requirements, trusted users and minimum trade requirement can be modified under advanced options

Profitable Trade

If you already have bitcoins, trade/exchange them for better price and book profit then & now. If you want to buy bitcoins, you can trade chat for lower price and make potential for future selleing profits. If you are regular bitcoin trader, you can profitize the price fluctuations.